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Alice (60 Minutes, 2-8 Players, $28 Per Player)

2495096-alice-in-wonderland 2Now you’ve done it!  You happened upon a most unusual sight.  There’s a tea party in progress, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone attending. Where did they go? Alice has left many clues for you to work your way out of this very curious place. It’s up to you to put it together, solve the puzzles and discover the path to escape this world and return to yours!


Night At The Museum (60 Minutes, 2-6 Players, $28 Per Player)

Spending the day exploring the museum, you’ve lost track of time and found yourself in an interesting but closed exhibit. You’ve now discovered that the entire museum has closed and you’re locked in!  With no one to call and no way out, you must find all the clues that solve all the puzzles to reach the emergency exit door or you’ll be stuck until they re-open tomorrow.


Defuse (60 Minutes, 3-6 Players, $28 Per Player)

A wooden panel with a white star on it in South AfricaStumbling into an abandoned military post, you suddenly realize that you’ve come upon the site of a live BOMB!  You must sift through all of the gear left behind, find the clues that will lead you to the bomb and defuse it before it detonates in one hour.  Hurry! Your country is counting on you!!


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