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TEMPLE OF THE LOST SKULL  (60 Minutes, 4-8 Players, $32 Per Player)


You are on the trail of Archaeologist, Doctor Reginald Brown, who has discovered a handful of unusual artifacts while browsing through a small bazaar in an ancient city. He became so obsessed and spent years searching for the history of these other worldly objects. Their story led him to an isolated area of the jungle that hadn’t been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. In the Spring of 1956, he launched an expedition to discover their source. He entered the jungle and was never seen or heard from again.



BAYOU NIGHTMARE  (60 Minutes, 2-6 Players, $28 Per Player)


An afternoon of exploring a secluded bayou turns in to a nightmare when suddenly someone grabs you from behind. Kicking and screaming, you can’t stop him from dragging you into a nearby dark, dingy, run down cabin. Now that he has you securely imprisoned, your captor leaves to go hide your car but unfortunately will return to the cabin in an hour.



SPY GAME  (60 Minutes, 2-6 Players, $28 Per Player)


As a non-official cover agent for the CIA, your only contact, a foreign operative named Ivan, is late for your rendezvous. You feel the barrel of a gun being push in to your side and realize Ivan is a double agent who left you to be captured. You have one hour before a cruel and sadistic interrogator, the Butcher, arrives to torture you until you break.



FUGGEDABOUTIT  (60 Minutes, 2-8 Players, $28 Per Player)


Pops snuck off to the local late-night spot. With a belly full of rot gut whisky, it doesn’t take long for the in-house card sharks to clean his clock in a back-room poker game. The family is counting on you to go in, steal the money back and make a quick getaway.



HOUSE OF ASSASSINATION  (60 Minutes, 2-6 Players, $28 Per Player)


As a Secret Service Agent, your job is to protect the President. In town for a speaking engagement, there has been a credible threat made on the President’s life. You’ve located the house where the potential assassin is staying. Now you need to find out who the assassin is and get back to the Command Station and report your findings!


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